Doing Business With OHSU

Please review the information on this page to learn about what is needed to do business with OHSU, then visit our Bids page to review current open solicitations.

Steps to confirm an OHSU Purchase Order is legitimate:

  • Legitimate OHSU Purchase orders will always generate from an email address. Pay close attention to the email address of the individual you are corresponding with.
  • Our Purchase orders will ask you to confirm receipt of the PO to
  • OHSU will never ask you to update the ship-to location on our purchase order after the order has been placed. If this  happens, please call to confirm the order with the OHSU Purchasing department at 503-494-1500, then press #1.


OHSU purchases supplies, equipment and services (including construction and professional services) necessary to operate and support our three missions, Healthcare, Education and Research.

The following are procurement guidelines followed by OHSU:

  • Purchases less than $100,000
    Competitive solicitation is not required for these purchases.  However, OHSU department shall, where applicable, obtain informal quotes.  The form of payment used is the use of a Purchase Order.

  • Purchases between $100,000 and $250,000
    For purchases that are between $100,000 and $250,000 an Informal Bidding process is followed.  A minimum of three competitive quotes or proposals are required.

  • Purchases above $250,000
    For purchases that are above $250,000 a formal solicitation/bidding process is required and advertised in this website and may be advertised in other publications as appropriate.