Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’m wondering about the status of a contract with OHSU. The end of my quarter/fiscal year is coming up and I would like to have the transaction completed before then so I can report the sale.

A. OHSU’s Contracting Services Department prioritizes contracts based on department need and our ability to review contract terms and conditions to best meet OHSU legal and risk requirements. When a contract is completed depends on several factors including whether we have all of the information from the department that is purchasing the goods or service, whether you as a vendor have provided us with all of the information we need, and whether there are terms and conditions that require negotiation before finalizing the agreement. This whole process could be as short as 1-2 weeks but may take longer for more complex agreements. We will contact you as soon as possible either if we need something or if the agreement is finalized.

Q. How do I get on OHSU’s bid list?

A. OHSU does not have a list on which vendors can register. However, we post all current and upcoming bids.  The website is updated every two weeks.

Q. My company is interested in bidding on an upcoming RFP but it hasn’t been issued yet and there is no estimated date. Can you call or email me when you are ready to issue the RFP?

A. No. Please check the Bids page of this website. It is updated every 2 weeks.

Q. I would like to set up a Master Agreement to provide goods or services to OHSU. How can I do this?

A. OHSU will actively seek out vendors if we are interested in pursuing a Master Agreement--typically these are set up as a result of an RFP. Sometimes they are set up for goods or services that a department needs on a regular basis. However, we do not set up Master Agreements based purely on the request of a vendor.