Celebrating 60 Years of Kidney Transplantation at OHSU

Highlights of the Celebrating 60 Years of Kidney Transplantation at OHSU Conference on September 28, 2019

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A Brief History of Kidney Transplantation, Dr. Joe Lockridge
Techniques that Make Transplantation Possible in aHUS, MPGN, and FSGS, Dr. Rupali Avasare
Obesity and Kidney Transplant: Past, present and future, Dr. David Scott and Dr. Farah Husain
The Current Kidney Distribution Policy and Future Changes, Dr. Shehzad Rehman
Progress Toward Using Non-Human Organs for Transplant-Solving the Organ Shortage, Dr. Joseph Tector
Pathology in Kidney Transplant Biopsies, Dr. Nicole Andeen
Selected Infectious Disease Updates in Kidney Transplantation, Dr. Ajit Limaye
Indications for Changing Immunosuppressive Agents or Drug Dose for Transplant Recipients, Dr. Ali Olyaei
Inducing Immunological Tolerance in Our Patients: Eliminating the burden of immunosuppression in solid organ transplantation, Dr. Xunrong Luo
Techniques Currently in Use and Progress Toward Growing Organs for Transplant, Dr. Luiz Bertassoni