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Highlights of the Celebrating 60 Years of Kidney Transplantation at OHSU conference

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OHSU Transplant Picnic

Tx Picnic

The annual OHSU Transplant Picnic is a very special event to all of us and we are saddened to have to cancel it again this year due to COVID-19 concerns. Our patients tell us one of their favorite parts of the event is getting to interact with their transplant team as well as other patients. If you would like to send a message to the transplant team or to other recipients, families of deceased donors, or those on the waiting list, please complete and submit this form. We will highlight some of the messages below on this page throughout the summer and will forward any messages to our transplant team. You can also view photos from previous Transplant Picnics or view a video message from the Transplant Team.

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"Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and safe year" (Dr. Amira Al-Uzri, OHSU Pediatric Kidney Transplant Program)

"I am inspired every day by the courage and determination our patients have as they work through the testing and preparation process to get their transplants. Each year we celebrate you and all the courageous donor families and wonderful people that make this happen! Congratulations to another year of transplant at OHSU." (Dawn Lokrantz, Kidney Transplant Coordinator)

Finding a Living Donor

Finding a Living Donor

View our webinar, Finding a Living Donor, in partnership with the National Kidney Foundation.

The Evolution of Transplantation at OHSU

Watch a video from the perspective of practioners and patients.