At SoundSource our focus is on creating the best hearing experience for you. 

Comprehensive hearing evaluations for adults

Your first appointment is a customized 60-90 minute appointment based around your goals. Typically, this appointment does include a full diagnostic hearing evaluation. You will leave this appointment with an understanding of your auditory system, a clearly defined plan for hearing improvement, and hopefully answers to all of your questions.

Hearing instrument evaluations

Once you have made the decision to purchase hearing aids, you will meet with one of our audiologists to find the right hearing aids for your level of hearing loss and lifestyle.

Hearing instrument programming and cleaning

Whether you purchased your hearing aids through SoundSource or somewhere else, we offer programming adjustments and hearing aid cleaning services for all major hearing aid manufacturers. 


Tinnitus is the perception of sound when no actual external noise is present. This sound can present itself as a single tone, multiple tones, buzzing, hissing, music, or another combination of perceived sounds.  A tinnitus evaluation is a customized 90 minute appointment to establish a clearly defined plan to manage your tinnitus.   

Custom products

At SoundSource we are able to fit a variety of custom products such as Custom Ear Plugs, Musician Plugs, Swimmers Plugs, and more. We also offer appointments for ear impressions only if you are working directly with a manufacturer.

Find out more about the custom products that we offer here. 

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