Basic Nonequilibrium Physics with Applications to Biology and Chemistry (2023+)

This online-only book covers the essentials of nonequilibrium science with a special focus on biochemical and biophysical applications. Learn how the cell runs on the nonequilibrium fuel ATP and the key role of molecular dynamics in clarifying nanoscale nonequilibrium phenomena generally. Learn how usable (free) energy stems from nonequilibrium conditions, and the connection to equilibrium, and more. Linked preprint chapters will be added and updated as they are available.

Statistical Physics of Biomolecules: An Introduction (CRC Press, 2010)

Cover of textbook by Daniel Zuckerman (both English and Japanese editions)
Cover of Statistical Physics of Biomolecules textbook in English (left) and Japanese (right)

Statistical Physics of Biomolecules: An Introduction, by D. M. Zuckerman (CRC Press, 2010) emphasizes the basics in an accessible way, along with key biophysics applications and some nonequilibrium topics. 

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  • Corrections available. My gratitude to a number of colleagues who have caught errors in the text and solutions: Hiroshi Fujisaki, Alan Grossfield, Blake Mertz, Jeff Wereszczynski, James Faeder, David Koes, and Jessica Swanson. Download Corrections for 2023
  • Solution sets are available for instructors.  Please directly contact the author.

Physical Lens on the Cell

Free online book with simple biophysical treatments of cellular processes. 

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