Show-Ling Shyng

Show-Ling Shyng, Ph.D., Principal investigator


Tel: 503-494-2694

Department of Chemical Physiology and Biochemistry

Oregon Health and Science University

L334, 3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road

Portland OR 97239

Show-Ling received her B.S. in Zoology from National Taiwan University in 1984, and

Ph.D. in Neurobiology with Dr. Mika Salpeter from Cornell University in 1990. She came to OHSU in 1999 as Assistant Scientist of the Center for Occupational and Environmental Toxicology. In 2010, she joined the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of OHSU, which became the Department of Chemical Physiology and Biochemistry in 2019. Outside the lab, she enjoys hiking, backpacking, reading, cooking, and catching up with her three grown children.


Mentoring philosophy

Jack Allen

John (Jack) Allen, Research Assistant


Jack received his undergrad degree from Lewis and Clark College in 2021 and joined the lab in April 2022.

Camden Driggers

Camden Driggers Ph.D., Postdoctoral fellow


Camden received his PhD from Oregon State University and join the lab in 2020 to study KATP channel structures.

Assmaa Elsheikh

Assmaa Elsheikh. M.S., Graduate Student


Assmaa received her M.D. and M.S. degrees from Tanta University in Egypt. She came to the lab in 2019 as a short-term foreign scholar and then obtained an Egyptian government scholarship to pursue her PhD in PBMS at OHSU. She formally joined the lab in 2020 and is interested in KATP channelopathies and drug discovery.

Bruce Patton

Bruce Patton Ph.D., Senior Scientist


Bruce received his B.S. in Biochemistry from Brandeis University in1984, and Ph.D. in Neurobiology from California Institute of Technology in 1991. He was a faculty of OHSU from 1999-2014. He was recruited to the lab in 2018 to study KATP channel trafficking regulation in β-cells and help supervise students and postdocs.

Past Shyng lab members

Etienne Cartier
Yu-Wen Lin
Emily Pratt
Jeremy Bushman
Fang Wang
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Veronica Cochrane

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Taiping Jia
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Pei-Chun Chen
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Yelena Kryukova
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Amy Servid
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Min Woo Sung

Sara Haidar
Josh Eaton
Adrienne Tozier de la Poterie
Marijn Schouton
Laura Thomas
Molly Leonard
Gisela Abigail Gonzales
Forrest Kwong
Kian Patton
Minhtam Tran

Members of Shyng lab gathered around a table at a restaurant, smiling at the camera.

Greg Martin farewell dinner

Members of Shyng lab gathered around an outdoor dining table at a restaurant, smiling at the camera.

Min Woo farewell dinner

Members of Shyng lab gathered in a kitchen

Celebration of Chinese New Year 2023, the year of the rabbit