Recent lab news

  • April, 2024: Congratulations to Assmaa for having her work included in an aggregate study published in Scientific Reports, which documents the outcome of the Artificial Intelligene Molecular Screen (AIMS) program involving the company Atomwise and 482 academic labs and screening centers, including ours!  
  • March 24, 2024: Congratulations to Camden and his wife Marla on their first baby Max!!!
  • March 20, 2024: Big congratulations to Camden, Yi-Ying, and Assmaa for publishing their cryoEM structure of KATP channels bound to PIP2 in Nature Communications! DOI: 10.1038/s41467-024-46751-5
  • March 15, 2024: Congratulations to Bruce, Assmaa, and Camden and our former lab member Phil Zhu for publishing their review in Channels. This is an invited review by the late Dr. Bill Catterall who was a giant in the ion channel field and is part of a special issue on ion channel structures.
  • Jan. 2024: Welcome back Jane, our newest postdoc! After a long wait, Jane finally got her visa and arrived Portland during one of the worst winter storms in the area.
  • July 2023: Our exchange student Jane (Yi-Ying) Kuo returned to her home institution National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan and successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Kuo!
  • Jan. 2023: Congratulations to Camden for publishing his review in JGP and for getting an OHSU postdoc travel award to attend 2023 Biophysics meeting in San Diego!
  • Dec. 2022: Welcome to our new postdoc Phil Zhu!
  • Sep. 2022: Congratulations to Assmaa for passing her qualifying exam!
  • July 2022: Welcome to our exchange student Yi-Ying (Jane) Kuo from Taiwan!
  • June 2022: Show-Ling received her new R01 funding to study cardiovascular KATP channel structures.
  • April 2022: Welcome to our new research assistant Jack Allen!
  • Dec. 2021: Congratulations to Min Woo for his new job at Pfizer as a Senior Scientist!
  • Feb. 2021: Congratulations to Veronica Cochrane for getting her PhD, and for her new postdoc position at UCSF! We will miss you!
  • Feb. 2021: Congratulations to Veronica for getting her PhD, and for her new postdoc position at UCSF!
  • Sep. 2020: Welcome to Assmaa ElSheikh as our new graduate student!
  • Feb. 2020: Show-Ling renewed her R01 to study pancreatic KATP channel structure-function.
  • Jan. 2020: Welcome to our new postdoc Camden Driggers!
  • May 2018: Goodbye and good luck to our amazing graduate student Greg Martin who will head down to San Diego for a postdoc at Scripps Research Institute!