Principal Investigator

Dr. Xiaolin Nan

Nan Lab Members

Tanjina Afrin 2022

Tanjina Afrin, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

Dylan Heussman, PhD

Dylan Heussman, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

Neha Solmawar

Neha Solmawar, MS
Graduate Student (jointly with Dr. Andrew Emili)

CEDAR Affiliates

Ms. Yujia Zhang

Yujia Zhang, M.S.
Graduate Student, CEDAR
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Past group members

  • Dr. Matthew Rames (CEDAR graduate student, 2017-2022 and postdoc, 2022-2023; Research Engineer at CEDAR)
  • Dr. Malwina Szczepaniak (Senior research associate, 2021-2023; SRA at CEDAR)
  • Dr. Stephen Palani (CEDAR graduate student, 2017 - 2022; Process Engineer at Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA)
  • Dr. Anna Koester (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2021 - 2022; Scientist at Fred Hutchison Cancer Center, Seattle, WA)
  • Dr. Kai Tao (Postdoctoral Fellow, 2018 – 2022; joined CEDAR, OHSU Knight Cancer Institute)
  • Julia Shangguan (Research Assistant, 2018-2020; now at Graduate School, University of Chicago)
  • Dr. Yerim Lee (Ph.D. student, 2013–2019; now at Galois, Portland, OR)
  • Dr. Ying Zhang (Ph.D. student, 20132018; went to JEOL Ltd , China)
  • Dr. Lei Wu (Visiting Scholar 12/201712/2018, Ph.D. Candidate, Wuhan University, Hubei, China)
  • Dr. Carey Phelps (Postdoctoral fellow, 10/201505/2018; went to KLA-Tencor)
  • Dr. Tao Huang (Senior research associate, 20132017; went to KLA-Tencor)
  • Dr. Jing Wang (Ph.D. student, 20142017; went to Thermo-Fisher (formerly FEI) Hillsboro)
  • Dr. Elliot Gray (Ph.D. student, 20152017; transferred to OHSU computational biology program)
  • Alec Peters (Research assistant, 20142016; went on to graduate school at OHSU)
  • Dr. Mo Chen (Postdoc, 20142016; went to Intel)
  • Dr. Li-Jung Lin (Postdoc, 20122015; now Research Associate, OHSU)
  • Andrew Nickerson (Senior research assistant, 20122015)

Past interns

  • Maximilian Libmann (2022; Honors College, Oregon State University)
  • Cindy Huang (2022; Lake Oswego High School)
  • Kyle Zhang (2019; Lake Oswego High School; now UPenn Wharton Business School and School of Engineering)
  • Eren Esner (2017 & 2018; UCSD. Electrical Engineering)
  • Tucker Stuart (2017 QBB Summer Intern Program; Oregon State University)
  • Julia Shangguan (2017 CDCB Summer Intern Program; Grinnell College; now at UChicago Graduate School)
  • Kasey Kwong (2016; University of Rochester; went to Duke University)
  • Ben Considine (2015; Lewis Clark College, Murdock Scholar Program)
  • Zuben Scott (2015; Reed College, QBB Internship Program; went to University of Cambridge)
  • Megan Napier (2015; Gongzaga College)
  • Alex Muschler (2015; Oregon State University; went to School of Engineering at OSU)
  • Anayanci De Paz (2014; CURE Internship Program)
  • Bin Chen (2014; Oregon State University)
  • Daniel Kwon (2014; Lake Oswego High; went to Southern California University)
  • Jake Hsu (2014; University of Penn; went to Stanford University graduate school)
  • Alexis Shoemaker (2013; Catlin Gabel High)
  • Malkolm Graffe (2013; Reed College)
  • Rafael Bravo (2013; Rugters University New Brunswick; went to UC Davis graduate school)