DOHaD Epi manuscripts and presentations

Recent manuscripts

  1. Andrea SB, Hooker E, Tandy TK, Messer LC, Tandy, T, Boone-Heinonen J. Does the association between early life growth and later obesity differ by race/ethnicity or socioeconomic status? A systematic review. Annals Epidemiology. 27(9):583-592.
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  8. Sacks RM, Takemoto E, Andrea S, Dieckmann N, Bauer KW, Boone-Heinonen J. The mediating role of depression in the association between childhood maltreatment and BMI trajectories from adolescence to adulthood. Am J Prev Med (in press).
  9. Snowden JM, Mission JF, Marshall NE, Quigley B, Main E, Gilbert WM, Chung JH, Caughey AB. (2016) The impact of maternal obesity and race/ethnicity on perinatal outcomes: independent and joint effects.Obesity. 24(7):1590-8.
  10. Winett L, Richardson DR, Messer LM, Boone-Heinonen J, Wallack L. (2016) A Framework To Address Challenges in Communicating Epigenetics and DOHaD. Current Environmental Health Reports. 3:169.


Snowden JM, Robinson WR, Marshall NE, Boone-Heinonen J. (2016) Race, obesity, and birth outcomes: unraveling a complex association to improve maternal-child health. Obesity, 24(12): 2447.


  1. Hooker E, Sacks RM, Messer LC, Boone-Heinonen J. Associations between birth weight and diabetes: U, J, or reverse? Differences across race/ethnicity. [Abstract and oral presentation: Society for Epidemiologic Research Annual meeting, June 2017; Seattle, WA].
  2. Boone-Heinonen J, O’Malley JP, Tillotson CJ, Brickman A, DeVoe JE. Implausible versus extreme infant anthropometry: child-specific outliers in electronic health record data in low-income children [Abstract and poster presentation: Society for Epidemiologic Research Annual meeting, June 2017; Seattle, WA].
  3. Tillotson CJ, Boone-Heinonen J, O’Malley JP, Hooker ER, Brickman A, Mayer K, DeVoe JE. Use of longitudinal models to identify subject-specific implausible body mass index measures: a comparison with screening for population level outliers. [Abstract and poster presentation: American Statistical Association Conference on Statistical Practice, February 25-27, 2017, Jacksonville, FL].
  4. Messer LC, Boone-Heinonen J, Mponwane L, Wallack L, Thornburg KL. Developmental programming as a propagator of intergenerational health disparities. [Abstract and poster presentation: PPTOX IV: Environmental stressors in disease and implications for human health meeting, October 2014, Boston, MA].


  1. Boone-Heinonen J, Sacks RM, Hooker E, Dieckmann NF, Harrod CS, Thornburg KL. Prenatal Development and Obesity: Two Distinct Pathways to Diabetes in Adulthood [Abstract and poster presentation: American Heart Association (AHA) Epidemiology/Lifestyle meeting; March 7-10, 2017, Portland, OR].
  2. Jeanne TL, Sacks RM, Nguyen T, Messer LC, Boone-Heinonen J. High birth weight modifies estimated effects of physical activity on cardiometabolic health in females. [Abstract and poster presentation: AHA Epidemiology/Lifestyle meeting; March 7-10, 2017, Portland, OR].
  3. Boone-Heinonen J, Snowden J, Messer LM. Maternal obesity and intergenerational health: Current evidence, the role of public health prevention, and the urgency for addressing health disparities [panel discussion: Oregon Public Health Association Annual Meeting, October 2016].
  4. Boone-Heinonen J. Latent growth curve analysis in perinatal and pediatric epidemiology. Maternal and Child Health Bureau Engaging Research Innovations and Challenges (EnRICH) Webinar Series, November 2016.