Scholarship and Funding Information

Program funding is available at the Ph.D. level.  Most M.S. students will fund the majority of their Medical Physics graduate education with student loans, however, there are some scholarship opportunities available. 

Internal scholarship opportunities

To be considered for funding from the Oregon Medical Physics Program, your full application materials must be received by the application deadline. All students offered admission into the OMPP are considered for the following OHSU scholarship opportunities:

  • President's Fund:  To ensure that OHSU graduate students have the opportunity to help address the healthcare needs of Oregon, the region, and the US, the OHSU President’s Fund will provide funds to qualified students from diverse backgrounds to become health professionals. Funds are provided to internally selected students and will cover full tuition and required fees charged to the student’s account for the length of the standard MP program.
  • Promising Scholar: Funded by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion at OHSU and the School of Medicine, Promising Scholar Awards are made to outstanding scholars who have been admitted to any graduate program in the School of Medicine that results in a Master’s level degree or Ph.D., and who also show great potential to contribute to the intellectual richness and diversity of the OHSU student community. Students are nominated internally by their Program Directors. The awards are generally for $1,500 and are contingent upon the student accepting OHSU’s offer of admission into a graduate program and their matriculation into the program before a specified deadline each year. These funds are intended to help reimburse moving expenses to Portland, Oregon, but may be used for any purpose. 

External scholarship opportunities

Students applying to any graduate program in medical physics should look for external funding opportunities. A few can be found at:

Financial aid

All student aid packages are awarded and disbursed through OHSU and students are encouraged to apply for financial aid. For more information on financial aid types, forms, and processes, visit the Financial Aid website.