Dr. Heiser's research focuses on genomic and epigenomic changes that cause breast cancer, with the goal of identifying pathways and aberrations associated with therapeutic response and resistance in cancer. In her studies, she uses an integrative systems biology approach to understand cancer as a complex system. Dr. Heiser is also an active member of the DREAM Consortium, which is a community-based effort to rigorously assess and advance algorithms in computational biology.

  • Cancer systems biology Apply integrative experimental and computational approaches to understand the molecular and phenotypic basis of cancer, at bulk and single-cell levels
  • Therapeutic response Employ molecular and imaging-based experimental approaches to assess molecular and phenotypic responses of cancer cells to therapy; apply machine learning approaches to identify molecular signatures that can be used to predict response to therapy
  • Tumor microenvironment Use novel technologies to interrogate the effect of microenvironmental signals on cellular phenotype and response to therapy
  • Crowdsourcing Leverage involvement in the DREAM consortium to lead community-based challenges to advance algorithms in computational and systems biology