Meet Our Students

SoM Biomedical Engineering Student headshot of Hillary Le

Hillary Le, OHSU School of Medicine Biomedical Engineering Program, is mentored by Dr. Monica Hinds and is an ARCS Scholar and a recipient of the Promising Scholars Award. Currently, she is the Internal Vice President for the Biomedical Engineering Student Chapter and is on the Education Committee for Alliance for Visible Diversity at OHSU. She is interested in studying the effects of THC in cannabis on fetal cardiovascular health, to improve patient education. She is particularly interested in endothelial cells because they line every single blood vessel and are therefore deeply involved in the development and progression of various vascular diseases. Her passion is to improve the diversity and advocate for the use of social metrics in the field of developmental origins of health and disease. Hillary’s goal is to become a principal investigator and recruit LGBT+ and students of color into Biomedical Engineering.

SoM DMICE master's student Dr. Deborah Levy headshot

Deborah Levy, MD, MPH, OHSU Department of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology Master’s Graduate Program, is a post-doctoral advanced informatics fellow for the Department of Veterans Affairs, at VA-Connecticut, West Haven, and a Lecturer at Yale School of Medicine affiliated with Yale Center for Medical Informatics. Dr. Levy is a general internal medicine hospitalist, a health services researcher, and a board-eligible clinical informatician focused on best practices for electronic health record implementation. Her research is now focused on EHR transitions and how we can improve clinician documentation burden and patient safety.

Dr. Levy completed her health informatics certificate program at DMICE in June 2022, and recalls the warm reception by faculty and fellow students at the graduation events. She “appreciated the engaging educational safe space amongst like-minded clinical informaticians, while learning under supportive and renowned professors” at DMICE so much that she is continuing her studies in a HCIN Master’s program.

SoM PHPH graduate student Gina Calco headshot

Gina Calco, OHSU School of Medicine Physiology and Pharmacology Graduate Program, is a NIH National Research Service Award (NRSA) individual fellowship F30 and NIH pulmonary and critical care medicine T32 training grant recipient. Her graduate research focused on how elevated insulin affects airway innervation and obesity-related asthma. She is also pursuing her M.D. degree with a career goal of becoming a physician scientist working at the intersection of medicine and research.

Calco is dedicated to serving the OHSU student community. In response to food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic and reduced access to on-campus food resources, Calco co-founded OHSU's Food Resource Center, a campus food pantry for OHSU students from all programs. She is passionate about student wellness and also serves on the leadership team for the Student Health and Wellness Committee (SHAC), a team of OHSU students, faculty, and staff that promotes health and wellness on campus and serves as a guiding advisory forum for the Student Health and Wellness Center.

SOM Bioinformatics graduate student Matthew Hammer headshot

Matthew Hammer, OHSU School of Medicine Bioinformatics and Computational Biomedicine Master’s Program, started his degree in 2021 after graduating from the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Interest in the capability of computational approaches for analysis of the multifactorial nature of disease is what initially drew Matthew to the field of bioinformatics and computational biology. An avid outdoor enthusiast as well as dedicated researcher, Matthew chose the Bioinformatics and Computational Biomedicine Master’s Program at OHSU due to its history of academic excellence and Portland’s proximity to outdoor activities. Matthew’s thesis work, under the advisement of Lisa Karstens (PhD), will be focused on evaluating popular tools for functional analysis of microbial environments, specifically in the context of the human pediatric gut microbiome. In the future, he hopes to continue exploring the causative role of microbiota in human disease.

Joseph Wishart headshot for Graduate Studies

Joseph Wishart, OHSU School of Medicine Medical Physics Graduate Program, is the Chair of the Association of Medical Physics Students (AMPS) interest group and winner of the 2022 Northwest American Association of Physicists in Medicine Young Investigator Symposium. Passionate about physiological imaging systems and improving diagnostic protocols, Joseph came to OHSU in 2021 to obtain his master’s degree and participate in clinically oriented physics research.

His efforts are directed towards the integration of physics principles into a clinical environment, driving collaboration and improved patient care. Specifically, Joseph’s research explores novel techniques in positron emission tomography (PET) and hybrid imaging modalities to improve specificity in the diagnosis of brain tumors. Joseph hopes to establish a role as a clinical professional, continuing to conduct functional imaging research and participate heavily in educational outreach. Outside of the world of physics, Joseph is an avid runner, rock climber, fly fisherman, and fervent home cook.

Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

Graduate Student Organization is an organization by and for graduate students of the OHSU School of Medicine.

Alliance for Visible Diversity in Science

Alliance for Visible Diversity in Science is an organization created to increase visible diversity within the OHSU Graduate Studies programs by recruiting, retaining, and supporting graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, staff, and faculty members from underrepresented backgrounds.


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