A research professional looking through a microscope
The Division of Gastroenterology faculty is comprised of physicians from both Oregon Health & Science University and the Portland VA Medical Center.

Gastroenterology Division Head

Advanced Endoscopy Fellow

OHSU Gastroenterology Faculty

OHSU Hepatology Faculty

Portland VA medical center Gastroenterology and Hepatology faculty

Michael Chang, M.D., MSc                                                                                     Emery Lin, M.D.
Section Chief                                                                                                           Associate Professor of Medicine
Professor of Medicine

Caitlin Citti, M.D.                                                                                                     Anna Sasaki, M.D., PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine                                                                            Associate Professor of Medicine

Janice Jou, M.D.                                                                                                        Amnon Sonnenberg, M.D., MSc
Fellowship Program Director                                                                                   Professor of Medicine
Associate Professor of Medicine