Our lab has been very lucky to have so many dedicated individuals helping us further global understanding of hypertension and kidney disease. Each individual has made a permanent impact on our lab and science at large. Note: this list is currently far from complete, so please check back again soon for a more thorough record.

Anindit Mukherjee, Ph.D.

Post doctoral fellow until March 2019

Anindit Mukherjee, PhD Post-doctoral Fellow in the Ellison Lab, 2018

Anindit contributed to a better understanding of the physiological mechanisms of blood pressure and electrolyte regulation, with a special focus on the regulation of the Sodium Chloride Cotransporter in the distal nephron.

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Elizabeth A. Swanson, B.A.

Graduate student (M.D./Ph.D. program) until April 2019

Elizabeth A. Swanson, BA Graduate Student in the Ellison Lab

Elizabeth's dissertation research focused on aldosterone signaling in the collecting duct.

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Kevin Martz, B.S.

Research assistant II until July 2021

Kevin Martz

Kevin helped start the ongoing DREADD (Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated by Designer Drugs) projects and revamped our mouse colony management.

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Jinge Si (Tracy), M.D., Ph.D.

Post doctoral fellow until March 2019

Jinge Si, MD, PhD Post-doctoral Fellow in the Ellison Lab, 2018

Tracy's work focused on how WNK4 mutations modulate renal transporters and actions on hypertension.

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Brittany D.K. Gratreak (Britt), B.S.

Research assistant II (lab manager) until June 2019

Brittany Gratreak, BS Research Assistant II in the Ellison Lab

Britt studied the renal effects of tacrolimus in vivo and assists with in vitro cell projects related to the regulation of Cullin-3-Ring-Ligases.

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  • Lauren Miller, Research Assistant II, 2018
  • Catherina Cuevas Gallardo, Post-doctoral Fellow, 2018
  • Kayla Erspamer, Research Assistant II, 2017
  • Andy Terker, MD/PhD student, 2016