OPAL Caller Comments

OPAL-K Callers

“My knowledge about caring for children with complex mental health issues increases with every consult. Thank you.”

“Amazing support for us primary care providers, awesome providers, great advice/help every time I call. Very timely, great for busy days. Thanks for the support!”

“…I am exceedingly more comfortable addressing MH issues in kids and teens, especially those with medical and behavioral complexity living in out of home placements with caregivers less knowledgeable about the patient's health history. Thanks to Linda and the kind OPAL K staff person who answered the phone!”

“I love this service, as a provider it allows me to be more confident taking care of patients with mental health issues and hopefully lessen the burden within the community. Dr. Cheng is wonderful to speak with, knowledgeable and it is great to be able to collaborate about our patients and providing them with optimal quality care. Thank you for having this service for providers, we really appreciate you being in the community.”

“So valuable to Primary Care providers in communities where access to psychiatrists is so limited. Thanks for being available and so easy to reach!”

“I am so impressed with the high level of knowledge and helpfulness, and am very grateful for the easy access to, all of the practitioners I have spoken to at OPAL-K.”

“I cannot overstate how necessary this service is for our rural community. I so appreciate the support and help for our patients.”

“I cannot express enough gratitude for this service and its ability to help me function more effectively and efficiently in my practice. My clinic specializes in medically evaluating children/adolescents who have experienced abuse/neglect; hence complex trauma. It is not unusual for our evaluations to have a significant component of mental health concerns. However, there are times when our concerns for the child's or adolescent’s mental health is above our comfort zone of evaluating and managing. It is always a relief to know that I can access OPAL-K and receive consultation that is grounded in problem-solving and management that is in the child/family best interest. I have never been disappointed in the consultation I have received. I would especially like to thank Dr. Faraji for her excellent listening, thoughtful questions, and education around the really complex case I brought to her. She afforded me a sense of comfort and reassurance that the plan she helped develop with our team made the most sense for this family. I was better able to articulate to the mother a plan that was going to keep her child safe. I was also provided a plan to articulate to this child's primary care provider what the next steps were needed in order to address these safety concerns. I have been in practice for over 25 years and I can truly say this experience has been one that I will count as a professional success story of collaboration. Again, thank you for this valuable service.”

OPAL-A Callers

Dr. Payne came into the exam room with me by phone and treated my patient with such care and dignity. This in and of itself is healing, a big thank you for the kindness and care she showed us today. Thank you for helping us to find a treatment plan for her difficult situation. We could not have asked for better care.”

“I met a person in crisis after 3 uneventful ER visits with local crisis intervention and I was unable to assist and Dr. Betlinski provided me with clear concise recommendations and asked precise questions in an unclear scenario. It certainly gives me greater confidence to reach out for support which will enhance my clinical skills and decision making in the future. I'm very grateful for the assistance and will see the person back in 48 hours to reevaluate them in person and feel comfortable calling back to request feedback on this very difficult case. Thank you.”

“I LOVE this service. It is immensely helpful and it improves care in the moment for so many patients. The docs have been unfailing in their helpfulness and kindness when I call. Thank you!”

“I can't express enough thanks for the service you provide at OPAL-A and OPAL-K. As a general pediatrician in Bend, it is really hard to get kids/teens in with psychiatry. Your service has taught me a ton and given me more ability to treat patients myself, knowing that I have your expertise as guidance.”

“This was a particularly complicated patient with psychosis that my training did not prepare me to manage. She was patched up a bit at the ED but wouldn't have access to a psychiatrist for at least 2 weeks. Dr. Z was able to help me understand the diagnosis and mechanisms behind the patient's problem and formulate a plan moving forward. This will hopefully allow for less suffering and allow her to remain out of the ED.”

” Thank you!! This service is amazing. Working in a small town with limited psychiatric services as a family physician this helps me and my patients!!”