Intensive In-Home Behavioral Health Treatment

Intensive In-Home Behavioral Health Treatment (IIBHT) is a new level of care for youth ages 0-20 with intensive behavioral health needs. The program offers a variety of in-home and community-based services, including: case management, psychiatric services, skills training, individual and family therapy, crisis support, and peer support.

IIBHT is a state-sponsored program, funded by Medicaid and overseen by Oregon Health Authority (OHA).

    Outcomes Study

    The DAETA team is working with the Oregon Health Authority to evaluate the effectiveness of IIBHT. The team collects and analyzes statewide data to monitor patient outcomes and inform service delivery. Comprehensive patient data is collected from statewide IIBHT providers at both program enrollment and discharge. 

    Training and Technical Assistance

    In addition to conducting the outcomes study, the DAETA team provides training and technical assistance to IIBHT providers. The team, in collaboration with OHA, has developed a series of trainings to ensure standardization in service delivery across the state. Trainings include:

    • IIBHT Foundations
    • IIBHT Data Collection + REDCap
    • IIBHT 201 - Clinical
    • IIBHT 201 - Peer Delivered Services + Skills Training
    • IIBHT 201 - Leadership and Supervision (in development)

    Although it is not required, we recommend taking the IIBHT foundations training before the other trainings since it is meant to be an introductory training to IIBHT. If you are an IIBHT provider and would like to register for a training, please visit our eventbrite page.