IIBHT Data Collection Guidance for Providers

Please attend a REDCap training to learn about what data is required and how to submit that data to the OHSU DAETA Team. IIBHT REDCap Trainings are only available on an as-needed basis, so please reach out to us at IIBHTinfo@ohsu.edu to schedule a REDCap training. After attending the training, refer to the FAQs below for more information and reach out with any additional questions.

The fillable PDF forms will be sent to you upon completion of the IIBHT REDCap training. You can enroll for a training here.

The Ohio Scales Manual can be found here. The Hope Scale doesn’t have a manual, but more information can be found here. More information on the DSM-5 Level 1 and Level 2 Screening Form can be found here.

A QMHP or QMHA completes the Enrollment Form, Closure Form, and the Ohio: Clinician. The parent, guardian, or casworker completes the Ohio: Parent form. The youth completes the Ohio: Youth, Hope Scale, and DSM-5 Level 1 and Level 2 Screening Form(s).

Versions of the Ohio Scales in alternate languages can be found here. The Hope Scale: Spanish Version is not available online; please email IIBHTinfo@ohsu.edu for a copy.

Please use your best clinical judgment/discretion when administering the forms outside of the age range. We will accept any forms that are uploaded, even if they are outside of the age range (we can always exclude them from future analyses).

The Ohio Scales Manual provides instructions for filling out these questions. An example of a question that may not be appropriate for younger youth would be item 3: “Dating or developing relationships with boyfriends or girlfriends.” This is what the Ohio Manual says to do in these instances: “A common question about the functioning scale involves the rating of items 3 and 13. For young children, raters often wonder how to rate items concerning vocational preparation (Item 13) or developing relationships with boyfriends or girlfriends (Item 3). On these items the rater should rate "OK (3)" if they are unsure or rate the youth based on what might be expected for their developmental level. For example, developmentally appropriate vocational preparation for a 7 year old typically involves school work, chores at home, and other work-like assignments. Note: If insufficient information is available to answer a specific item on the functioning scale, that item should be rated "OK (3)".”

All data is uploaded to REDCap via an online form. Please upload Enrollment Data here and Closure Data here.

We recommend downloading the forms and opening them using the Adobe Acrobat application. If you have Adobe Acrobat and view the document in that program, then you can undo a selection using the command ctrl z or by going to the top and clicking undo under the edit tab. If you open the form in Google Chrome, then there isn’t a way to undo a selection.

Yes. However, you cannot upload the new information using the enrollment or closure link. Instead, you must email the new data or updates to IIBHTinfo@ohsu.edu

You can email us at IIBHTinfo@ohsu.edu and we can check for you. You can always email us with any questions you may have.

Yes, you can upload an incomplete form or upload data for a youth without all of the forms completed. If you do either of these, please provide explanations for the missing information. If you don’t provide an explanation for missing information, then we will reach out to ask about it. If you have incomplete information and you know you are going to receive the rest of it soon, then it may just be easier to wait to upload until you have all of the information.

You can find instructions on how to access secure emails here.

You can visit the Oregon Health Authority’s IIBHT website for more information or to apply to be a certified IIBHT provider.

The youth must be enrolled in OHP, age 0-20, and have intensive behavioral health needs. The youth must also have at least 2 behavioral health diagnoses, be impacted on multiple life domains, and be a significant safety risk or are at risk of (or are in transition home from) out-of-home treatment or placement.

Email us at IIBHTinfo@ohsu.edu with any questions or feedback you may have.

You can find all available trainings hereIIBHT REDCap Trainings are only available on an as-needed basis, so please reach out to us at IIBHTinfo@ohsu.edu to schedule a REDCap training.