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Kyle Gribbin, B.S.
Senior Research Assistant

Kyle was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. He graduated from the University of Oregon, where he studied transcriptional regulation by the RNA binding protein PPR. At OHSU, Kyle investigated the role of endocrines on sexual dimorphism in the brain in the Roselli Lab, and developed an inducible mouse model of DCIS breast cancer in the Courtneidge Lab. In the Byrne Lab, Kyle investigates cellular cross-talk in the tumor site. In his free time, he plays soccer and spends time with his family.

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Margaret Haerr, B.S
Graduate Student, PBMS

Margaret grew up in San Diego, California. After finishing her undergraduate studies in biology at UC Santa Barbara, she worked for four years at a biotechnology company in cancer immunotherapy discovery and development.  In the Byrne lab, Margaret is interested in understanding the immunobiology of the tumor microenvironment and improving treatment strategies for pancreatic cancer.  In her free time, Margaret likes to take advantage of the beautiful PNW hiking, surfing, and spending time with friends, family, and her dog.

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Maryam Al-Ghezi
Undergraduate Student Researcher

Maryam was born and raised in Baghdad, Iraq. She also lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Maryam is currently an undergraduate student at Lewis & Clark College where she is studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. In the Byrne lab, Maryam is interested in the analysis of single cell RNA seq data using bioinformatics tools. In her free time, she loves hanging out with friends and learning languages.