Our mission

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The Racial Equity and Inclusion (REI) Center is a pilot program that aims to understand and remove systemic oppression within the Vollum Institute and the Neuroscience Graduate Program. We work with our community to identify and address systemic racism, white supremacy, colonialism, and other systems of oppression that are present within our scientific environment. This means addressing the ways that systemic oppression shows up: in ourselves, between each other, within our policies, procedures, organization, and culture.

To do this, we use principles and values that are essential to racial equity to guide our work; from the way our center is structured down to our everyday tasks. We empower our community members to become leaders of change through anti-racist and education while working with our community to change harmful structures and polices.

The Alliance for Visible Diversity

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Working to increase visible diversity within graduate programs at OHSU.

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