Our Core Values

Image of gears labeled as core values, innovation and trust

Equity and Inclusion

As our name suggests, equity and inclusion are our focus. We use a racial equity lens to assess the current institutional culture, determine cultural values and processes incongruent with racial equity, and develop strategic pathways to align cultural norms and practices with a racially inclusive environment for students, staff, and faculty.

Transparency and accountability

Transparency is the foundation on which trust grows and develops and allows for accountability. The REI Center aims to be transparent and communicate to our community about REI Center initiatives in order for the community to hold us accountable to them. Through this, we hope to build a relationship of reciprocal transparency, accountability, and trust with our community. We encourage members of our community to communicate with us about their needs and concerns in cultivating an anti-racist environment.

Harm reduction

It is important to us that every individual can participate in a welcoming and respectful environment when communicating with each other and with the REI Center staff. Although our center discusses topics that are inherently challenging, communicating in a way that considers the wellbeing of others is paramount and expected.