Prospective Subrecipients

Prospective Subrecipients

To meet federal guidelines and trackingneeds, all of the following documents are required for each subaward included as part of OHSU's proposal to the sponsor.  These documents may take time to complete, start early!

OHSU proposals will not be approved or submitted by OPAM until these elements are included.  Unless the sponsor requires it, these documents are NOT submitted directly to the sponsor.  If you have any questions, please contact OPAM Subaward

OHSU Subrecipient Commitment Form

The OHSU Subrecipient Commitment form is used to collect institutional data and the official commitment of the subrecipient included in the proposal.  The form must be completed and signed by the institutional official.

The institutional data is used for pre-award risk assessment as well as completion of the Subaward Agreement once awarded.

 If the subrecipient is participating in the FDP Expanded Clearinghouse pilot, they are not required to complete the Commitment Form. We will obtain the necessary information from their online profile. Instead, please submit a simple Letter of Commitment, along with the additional information below, to be included in the proposal

Scope of Work

Scope of work should be specific and include a clear description of the work to be performed within the proposed timelines and deliverables. 

Detailed subrecipient budget and budget justification

The detailed budget is best submitted using the PHS form 398 budget template.  The budget should include:

  • Personnel effort/salary/benefits
  • Other direct cost details
  • Indirect costs calculated in accordance with sponsor guidelines. Generally, this would be either:
    • A Subrecipient's Federally negotiated F&A rate
    • A reduced F&A rate below Subrecipient's federally negotiated rate if required by the sponsor.
    • A flat 10% de minimis rate if sub-recipient does not have a federally negotiated rate. (8% for all foreign Subrecipients on NIH awards)
    • A rate negotiated with OHSU – Contact OPAM Subaward if both of the following are true:
      • There is no federally negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement
      • There is supporting documentation for a rate higher than the de minimis 10%F&A
    • 0% F&A if the sponsor does not allow F&A.
  • Verification of any committed cost-sharing

Additional elements required by the sponsor

Any documents that may be required by the sponsor for inclusion in OHSU's proposal, for example:

  • Key personnel biographical sketches
  • Performance site information
  • Resources
  • Other support

Be sure these elements meet the form and format requirements of the sponsor.