The PCCNRP Research Lab fosters a rich training environment— hosting medical students, medical residents and fellows, post-doctoral scholars, psychology interns, graduate students, and undergraduate interns.

Providing opportunities for mentorship, academic collaboration, and professional growth, the PCCNRP Research Lab invests in aspiring researchers and clinicians at all levels of training.

Some of the opportunities interns and trainees are involved in include:

  • Aiding in recruitment efforts
  • Supporting study coordination
  • Data cleaning and analysis
  • Literature review
  • Abstract writing and manuscript development
  • REDCap building and design

If you are interested in getting involved with the PCCNRP Research Lab, please email picubrains@ohsu.edu with your resume and a little information about you, your academic background, and research interests.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Fellowship opportunities are always listed on the OHSU job portal.

Contact information

Feel free to contact PCCNP leaders directly to discuss the range of opportunities that exist within our program: