Insurance Enrollment Assistance

To meet our goal of ensuring that persons living with HIV have access to medical care and medications they need to live a full healthy life, we have staff dedicated to ensure that clients have active insurance. In order to meet this need we:

  • Help determine which insurance each person is eligible for and successfully apply for that insurance
  • Help apply for CAREAssist (Oregon's AIDS Drug Assistance Program)
  • Coordinate with CAREAssist and insurance (Medicaid, Medicare, work insurance, in/out of Marketplace, VA) to ensure that clients retain their coverage
  • Coordinate with pharmacy, including mail order pharmacies
  • Help change insurance due to household, income, job and immigration status changes
  • Follow up with Oregon Health Plan when applications aren't approved right away and clients have urgent needs
  • Research insurance plans before open enrollment to be aware of network coverage and benefits

How do I get this help?

When you access our services, your insurance needs are assessed for the first point of contact. These activities occur as part of interaction with medical case management.