Physical Therapy (PT)

What to expect from physical therapy at the Comprehensive Pain Center

Your first physical therapy appointment

Physical Therapy (PT)

The purposes of physical therapy are to decrease pain, reduce the suffering that accompanies pain, and make it possible for you to function better in spite of some level of continuing pain, if necessary.

Your first visit will consist of an initial assessment:

  • During this visit, you and your physical therapist will come to a mutual understanding of your condition, establish a what you are able to do safely and organize a plan of care for physical therapy.  
  • We encourage you to set your own goals and ask that you set three realistic goals related to your daily activities before your first visit with us. Typical goals might involve walking, standing, cooking, sitting, driving or any activity that is important to you.
  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. Gowns are available if needed.
  • Your first visit will take about 45 minutes and will be performed by a licensed physical therapist experienced in complex pain-related conditions.

Follow up physical therapy appointments

How often and how long you have follow-up appointments will be based on the plan of care developed at your first appointment.

Follow-up sessions will occur on a one-to-one basis with the same provider who performed your initial assessment. These sessions take about 45 minutes. The frequency of follow-ups vary from person to person, and should be determined during the initial evaluation.   

In addition to your physical therapy appointments here, you will be given independent activities to be practiced between visits.