For Health Care Professionals

For Health Care Professionals

The Comprehensive Pain Clinic takes a "trilateral" approach to patient care. The points of the triangle are the patient, the clinic and the primary physician. After a patient visits the clinic, we will proactively seek to incorporate the primary physician into the pain care plan.

Medication philosophy

At the Comprehensive Pain Clinic, we believe in whole body health. We believe in fewer medications at lower doses, combined with treatment options that don't use drugs. We also support data that medication works best when combined with lifestyle coaching and alternative therapies, such as reducing stress and weight, nutrition counseling, physical therapy and more.  

Make a referral

Refer a patient to any OHSU specialist or service with one call.

  • For adult patients, call the OHSU Physician Consult and Referral Service at 800-245-6478
  • For pediatric patients, call 888-346-0644.

The lines are staffed 24/7 with friendly referral specialists. You can also call to arrange a consultation with an OHSU specialist. Learn more about making a referral

Download our referral form

Follow your patient's care

OHSU Connect, our electronic medical record, enables you to track your patient's care in real time.

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