Cancer pain

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If you have cancer, you might have pain from the cancer itself, its treatment, or a tumor compressing a nearby nerve or organ. At the OHSU Comprehensive Pain Center, we treat all cancer-related pain.

The Cancer Care Program was created to ensure patients with cancer related pain or unrelated pain during oncology treatment would have CPC consult and procedure if appropriate in a timely manner. Our overall mission is to provide excellent pain care for our cancer patients so that they are able to focus on their cancer treatment and time with loved ones instead of their pain.

  1. Non-surgical interventional treatments for cancer related pain affecting the chest wall, abdomen, pelvis, or rectum.
  2. Botox can help manage migraines, spasticity, or dystonia.
  3. Surgical interventions—intrathecal pump for localized pain, or spinal cord stimulator for nerve pain.
  4. Externalized epidural catheter for regional pain control at the end of life.

Health Psychology

Pain psychologists focus on teaching you skills such as stress management strategies so you can engage in the activities which are most meaningful to you leading to an improved quality of life.

Integrative Health therapies

Acupuncture can help manage nausea/vomiting, Rolfing, Chiropractic, Massage, Naturopathic medicine, Physical Therapy

Our Nurse Cancer Care Coordinator, Celeste, contacts patients whom have been referred, via phone, to introduce our services and to schedule services with appropriate Providers. Celeste then provides direct access to these patients for questions, further treatment and follow up, and in connecting with resources internal and external to OHSU as able. Please ask your PCP to add “ATTN Celeste” to your referral, see below.

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