OPERM is located on the campus of the Oregon National Primate Research Center ONPRC, in Beaverton, Oregon. ONPRC is a unit of Oregon Health and Science University.  

Project management

  • OPERM personal are available to assist or complete many animal procedures, and collect tissues
  • Office and laboratory space is available for outside investigators wishing to complete projects at ONPRC
  • IACUC support for projects involving animals at ONPRC

Baboon facility

  • Female baboons for use in approved research protocols
  • Social housing for female baboons
  • All husbandry, specimen collection by OPERM staff

Imaging core

  • Fluoroscopy for evaluation of tubal patency by HSG
  • Ultrasound
  • Hysteroscopy

Histology core

  • Specimen preparation and tissue processing for paraffin blocks
  • Sectioning of specimens, and slide staining H&E
  • Slide scanning and preparation of digital images that can be viewed remotely
  • Immunohistochemistry