OHSU is a world leader in groundbreaking cancer research

Dr. Hayes-Lattin analyzes images of cancer cells.

The division is part of the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, known as one of the pioneers in personalized cancer medicine and an international leader in cancer research and treatment.

Based in team science, our research centers on four areas

Knight Cancer researchers working in a wet lab
  • Precision Systems Oncology 
  • Cancer Data Science (including Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics)
  • Chemical Biology and Experimental Therapeutics
  • Cancer Population Science
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Our culture of collaboration accelerates research progress

The Knight Cancer Research Building with streetcar

The division is based in the Knight Cancer Research Building, a state-of-the-art research facility designed to support a collaborative atmosphere that brings multidisciplinary scientists together under one roof.

Featured news

Kerri Winters-Stone, Ph.D., is an exercise scientist and leads cancer population science in the Division of Oncological Sciences. She also co-directs the Community Partnership Program and co-leads the Cancer Prevention and Control Program at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute.

Kerri Winters-Stone, Ph.D.
Kerri Winters-Stone, Ph.D.

Her Exercising Together study at OHSU is the first in the world that uses exercise to improve the health of both cancer patients and their partners. Hear from Dr. Kerri Winters-Stone and some of the participants

Why I chose OHSU

OHSU is filled with exceptional people whose work is transforming lives. Find out why Haijiao Zhang, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Division of Oncological Sciences, chose OHSU. 

Haijiao Zhang, Ph.D.
Haijiao Zhang, Ph.D.

“My research is focused on developing a leukemia targeted therapy and I love the collaborative culture here. I value the broad expertise in hematologic malignancies, bioinformatics, and experimental therapeutics, as well as the extensive connections with the clinic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. My work is not only supported by an exceptional team, but it’s also backed by a robust infrastructure and resources that foster the development of my independent research program.”

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