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An exercise opportunity for you and your partner after cancer

Exercising Together© is a research study designed to learn whether and how exercise can benefit prostate, breast or colorectal cancer survivors and their partners. It is the first study in the world that uses exercise to improve the health of both the patient and their partner who has dealt with these cancers and its consequences. Findings from this study could change the way exercise is included in cancer care in the future.

How it works

By joining Exercising Together©, you will be invited to be part of one of three exercise groups:

  1. Partnered exercise classes: Couples strength train with each other in a supervised, group setting.
  2. Separate survivor and partner exercise classes: Each partner strength trains separately in a supervised, group setting. 
  3. Home-based exercise: Each partner strength trains on their own at home. Survivors and partners receive resistance training bands, a strength training program DVD, and monthly phone calls from an exercise trainer.

What is expected?

Participants will be asked to:

  • Exercise 2 times a week for 6 months. Locations and times for group classes vary. Exercise programs are individually designed to match the exercise abilities of both active and inactive couples.
  • Complete physical function tests and health surveys 4 times over 12 months. All testing will be scheduled at OHSU's South Waterfront campus.

Who can participate?

If you or a loved one has received treatment for prostate, breast or colorectal cancer and are between 35-80 years old, call Carolyn Guidarelli at 503 346-0444 or email exercise@ohsu.edu to learn more or get started.

Learn more about the study:

Watch an online exercise class:

Interested in getting involved?

If you are interested in learning more about the Exercising Together© trial or future research opportunities, or attending an information session, please complete and submit the form below.

Exercising Together
Partners exercise at OHSU as part of the NCI-funded clinical trial Exercising Together©.

Hear from a participant:

“Highly recommend the partner exercise program as it enables empathy, respect, understanding, sharing, caring that are essential to marriage. That is what life is all about!”

- Exercising Together© study participant

We’ve worked with more than 1,000 cancer survivors across Oregon.

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