Platelet Clumping Protocol

Orderable EAP code:


Billable EAP Codes:

80001814 x 1

CPT Codes:

85049 x 1

Lab Section:

Core Lab

Turnaround Time:

Routine: 2 Hours
Urgent: 1 Hour

Test Schedule:

24 hours, 7 days a week.


k/cu mm

Critical Values:

Less than or equal to 10
greater than or equal to 1000 k/cu mm.

Specimen Requirements:

BLUE top tube, 3.2% sodium citrate. Tube must be full.

Pediatric Specimen Requirements:

Pediatric BLUE top tube, 3.2% sodium citrate. Tube must be full.

Reference Range:

 Age (years)  PLT Count (k/cu mm)
 0 up to 2  125 to 600
 2 up to 12  150 to 420
 12 up to 150  150 to 400


The Platelet Clumping Protocol is used to resolve falsely decreased platelet counts (pseudothrombocytopenia) in patients whose platelets clump in the presence of EDTA. The lab will test the citrate tube and the EDTA tube submitted for the CBC or platelet count ordered concurrently. The lab will examine both tubes for the presence of platelet clumps, and report the platelet count accordingly.


Platelet Clumper, EDTA Clumper, Pseudothrombocytopenia