OHSU members should visit the Integrity Booster or Integrity Foundations page(s) on O2.

Integrity is responsible for the creation and management of the Integrity Booster and Integrity Foundations training series. Each course is mandatory for all OHSU members, and provides a baseline for general compliance education across the institution.

Integrity Booster

Each year Integrity releases a new version of their annual booster training.

This course is their opportunity to touch the entire OHSU community and provide everyone with important information you may not be getting elsewhere. This includes topics with annual training requirements, institutional initiatives, changes in policy and more.

This year’s training consists of five distinct content lessons:

  1. Institutional Integrity
  2. Rights and Responsibilities
  3. Safety
  4. Fraud, Waste and Abuse
  5. Resources and Reporting

Integrity Foundations

Integrity Foundations provides an introduction to integrity and OHSU's culture of ethics, including the knowledge of important policies, guidelines, resources and contacts. 

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