Reciprocal Rate Agreement for the Use of Research Core Facilities and Shared Service Units

Five Oregon universities have signed a new agreement to strengthen collaboration leading to new scientific discoveries. 

The Reciprocal Rate Agreement for the Use of Research Core Facilities and Shared Service Units was entered into by:

Oregon Health and Science University

University of Oregon

Oregon State University

Portland State University

Oregon Institute of Technology

The aims of this agreement are to provide a reciprocal, internal rate structure for the use of research core facilities and shared service units for researchers between the institutions. Offering internal rates will allow researchers from each institution to have access to research cores and shared services, without higher financial barriers associated with outside user rate structures.

Offering internal rates will encourage the institutions' researchers, research core facilities, and shared service units to benefit from access to a wider range of services at lower prices, which will lead to economies of scale. It will also open the door for core scientists and researchers to collaborate in broader ways that improve scientific outcomes.

The following is a current list of all OHSU cores that are included in the agreement. This list will be updated as it changes over time, so please check back periodically. For questions about OHSU Cores and Shared Resources, contact Andy Chitty at

Advanced Computing Center

Advanced Imaging Research Center 

Advanced Light Microscopy Core 



Biostatistics & Design Program 

Clinical and Translational Research Core Services 

Elemental Analysis Core 

Endocrine Technologies Core

Flow Cytometry 


Integrated Genomics Laboratory 

Medicinal Chemistry Core 

Multiscale Microscopy Core 


Small Animal Research Imaging Core 

Transgenic Mouse Models 

At this time, no OHSU cores are specifically excluded from this agreement, but cores not listed here must be confirmed.