Join a Nexus Online Meeting

OHSU Information Technology offers online meeting space and video conferencing – based on the Cisco Meeting platform – to help connect colleagues across Oregon and around the world. 

What do you need?

  • A computer (Mac/PC) or mobile device with an active Internet connection
  • Headsets are strongly recommended 
  • A web camera if you plan to join a meeting by video

Meeting best practices

These best practices will ensure effectiveness and ample security for your virtual OHSU meeting. Download as a printable PDF here.

  1. Be mindful of Protected Health Information
    Nexus (OHSU Meeting) has been approved for use with PHI (Protected Health Information), but unauthorized disclosure could happen if patient data displayed on camera or in the chat window is seen by passersby.
  2. Check your camera and microphone settings.
    Verify that the correct camera and audio settings are active by moving your mouse within the meeting window and clicking the "gear" icon that appears in the self-view at the lower left.
  3. Mute when you are not speaking
    Mute your device when you are not speaking to significantly reduce the chance of echoing and audio distortion.
  4. Use a headset
    Headsets virtually eliminate distracting echoes and help other participants hear you more clearly.
  5. Avoid windows
    Windows can impact the quality of light by either washing you out (too bright) or providing too much backlight (too dark). Whenever possible, make sure you are sitting with your back to a wall rather than a window.
  6. Eliminate distractions
    Microphones can magnify distracting background noises during a call. Use the same consideration you would for a phone call.
  7. Frame yourself on a camera
    Make sure the self-view shows you in a manner you're comfortable showing the world.
  8. On video calls, keep mobile devices stationary
    Moving your device causes video quality to suffer and can be hard for others to watch.
  9. Remember, the network quality affects the call quality
    For personal computers, a wired connection is better than a wireless one. On mobile devices, connect to your meeting from a place with a strong LTE signal.