Federal, State and Local Government Relations

The lawn of the Capitol building in Salem, Oregon, is flanked by blooming cherry trees.

OHSU’s Government Relations Team focuses on legislation and policies that affect OHSU at the federal, state and local levels.

If you live or work near OHSU, we’d like to share with you how OHSU helps lead the way in health and science innovation.

If you’re an OHSU employee, student or volunteer, we are your representatives to public officials and agencies.

Federal relations

Our federal relations team is OHSU’s voice in Washington, D.C.

The U.S. government invests in OHSU each year to support healthy communities and economic growth in our region. We work to make sure those funds go to programs and activities that:

  • Help everyone in Oregon.
  • Advance health care professions.
  • Inspire discovery.

    What we accomplished in 2023


    • Directed federal funds to programs that train and educate health care workers.
    • Supported more funding for advanced training for doctors and nurses.

    Health care

    • Sustained federal funding for the Oregon Health Plan, the state’s Medicaid program.
    • Expanded access to high-quality care throughout Oregon.
    • Helped with drug costs for uninsured, low-income patients.


    • Received more than $413 million in federal funds for groundbreaking health research.

      State relations

      OHSU is Oregon’s only public corporation and academic health center. Our state relations team:

      • Advances our missions with the governor, Oregon Legislature and state agencies.
      • Works with the Legislature to secure investments in OHSU’s missions.
      • Works with OHSU’s Legislative Advisory Committee to track legislative bills that affect OHSU.

        What we accomplished in 2023

        2023 Oregon Legislature

        • Tracked 126 bills affecting OHSU.


        • Maintained state funds for OHSU’s  plan to meet health care workforce and equity goals.

        Health care

        • Received $5.4 million for the Oregon Behavioral Health Coordination Center, which connects patients with services.
        • Received $1 million to improve maternal and infant health.
        • Increased funding for Oregon Poison Center by $900,000.


        • Received $2 million for research on Oregon children’s well-being.

        Learn more about our work: 2023 OHSU State Legislative Report

          Local relations

          Our local relations team maintains ties with:

          • Regional and local governments and agencies, including:
          • Those who live and work near OHSU’s campuses in Portland and Hillsboro.
          • Neighborhood associations.
          • Groups that advocate policies that can affect OHSU.

            What we accomplished in 2023

            Health care

            • Helped improve access to transportation for patients leaving OHSU.

            OHSU campuses

            • Worked with TriMet to improve bus service to and from Marquam Hill.
            • Worked with the city of Portland to help OHSU grow with its new hospital building on Marquam Hill.
            • Engaged with neighborhood groups to maintain support for OHSU.


            • Represented OHSU to business groups speaking for a range of Portland employers.