Community Relations

OHSU employees pose for a large group photo with balloons that spell OHSU and an OHSU banner with stripes in LGBTQ+ colors.
OHSU employees are a regular presence at the annual Portland Pride festival and parade.

Our Community Relations team connects and partners with community leaders and groups that share OHSU’s interests in education, health care and research.

Every year, we provide sponsorship opportunities for community events and programs that:

  • Advance health equity
  • Line up with our missions in education, health care and research

We review sponsorship requests every three months. Send us a request.

What we accomplished in 2023


  • Sponsored events where we provided information about OHSU and health conditions.
  • Sponsored events that provided funds for community health efforts.


  • Raised funds to support local organizations through an employee Community Giving campaign.


  • Supported OHSU leaders speaking at local conferences on health care and equity.