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For community members

For OHSU employees

Our Government and Community Relations Team is the face of OHSU to federal, state and local governments, and in the community.

OHSU is Oregon’s only public corporation, designated by the state to carry out public services, including:

Education: We prepare health care professionals and researchers to learn, lead and contribute.

Health care: We use the latest knowledge and technology to provide top-tier treatment and services.

Research: We explore health and biomedical frontiers, and look for ways to use our findings.

Community: We work to improve health for all Oregonians.

To fulfill these missions, our team:

  • Seeks public funding and policies that help OHSU.
  • Tracks federal and state bills that affect OHSU.
  • Engages with community and neighborhood organizations near OHSU.
  • Presents OHSU’s official position on public issues.
  • Partners with community leaders and groups that share our interest in public education, health and policy.
  • Sponsors community events.

    If you’re a community member

    We strive to be open about how OHSU seeks and uses public funding, and advances public policy. Learn about our work in federal, state and local relations.

    We want to support your efforts to advance community health and well-being. Learn about our work in community relations.

    If you’re an OHSU employee, student or volunteer

    We help OHSU faculty, staff, students and volunteers who want to share their expertise in or learn about public issues and policies.

    You need to coordinate with our team before you contact public officials or agencies on behalf of OHSU or within your OHSU role. This ensures that we follow federal, state and local lobbying laws and rules.

    Contact with a public official or agency includes:

    • Sending them an email, letter or fax.
    • Calling them.
    • Replying to their information request.
    • Visiting their office.
    • Inviting them to OHSU for a visit or tour.
    • Making a presentation or giving them a report.
    • Testifying before Congress, the Oregon Legislature or a local government.

    If you’re unsure whether you would be making contact properly, email us at

    See OHSU policies on: