Consultation and Study Design

Let's make a plan

  • Gathering pilot data?
  • Planning a study for a grant or a manuscript?
  • Carrying out a complex project that needs coordination of more than one service core?
  • Fill out the project inquiry form
  • Send it to
  • Meet with us to go over the study design (i.e. sample number, quality, amounts), costs, and logistics.

We are available to help investigators planning for grants involving epigenetics research. As part of our pre-award consulting and support we will provide:

  • Revision of the study design
  • Letter of support
  • Budget
  • Partial FTE of personnel for experimental work and/or bioinformatics
  • Description of experimental and computational methods

In order to receive the best support please reach out at least 3 weeks before the grant deadline by emailing

In order to maximize chance of success and rigor, each study needs to be carefully designed. For this reason, we ask investigators to meet with us at the very beginning of their study so that we can discuss:

  • Experimental assay selection. We offer different methods to investigate DNA Methylation and Chromatin Structure.
  • Number of samples and experimental groups. The size of your study will depend on different factors, but we generally discourage groups smaller than n=4 when possible.
  • Sequencing strategy. This includes estimating the adequate coverage, read length, and instrument. We work in close collaboration with the MPSSR and the GC3F for sequencing.
  • Sample preparation and submission. High quality samples are key for successful experiments. Please, see our requirements for sample submission.
  • Estimated turnaround time

Our consortium works on a fee-for-service basis. The full pricing for each project depends on different components: assay type, sequencing, and analysis. In order to receive an initial quote for your project, please email with a brief description of the study design, including sample size and bioinformatics analysis needs. We will get back to you within two business days.

Here are some examples representing pricing for projects commonly run by the core. However, the cost of each project might differ due to various factors (e.g. number of comparisons, sample and data quality) .

Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS)

12 samples

Library generation: $2,350

Bioinformatics Analysis: $2,500

Sequencing requirements (depends on the core): ~30 million reads/sample, single-end read 75bp

24 samples

Library generation: $4,064

Bioinformatics Analysis: $3,000

Sequencing requirements: ~30 million reads/sample, single-end read 75bp