Reiss Lab

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Lina Reiss, Lab Director

Professor of Otolaryngology-HNS, Biomedical Engineering, and Behavioral Neuroscience  

The Reiss Lab studies auditory perception and how this is affected by hearing loss, with a focus on binaural fusion and spectral integration.  We also study how auditory nerve function changes over time after cochlear implantation. We study these questions in both humans and animal models.

Dr. Reiss has also been involved for over 25 years with HI-ARO (hearing-impaired Association for Research in Otolaryngology), a mentoring network for scientists, engineers, and clinicians with hearing loss in the field of hearing research. 

More recently, she helped found BIPOC-CSD, a mentoring network for researchers and clinicians in the hearing field who identify as a person of color.  

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503 494-5868

We are located in the Hatfield Research Center (HRC) at the OHSU Marquam Hill campus.  Take Elevator G in HRC to the 4th floor.  Our lab is in Room 463.

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Lina Reiss Lab
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