Charles E. Drum JD, PhD biography

Charles E. Drum JD, Ph.D. is Assistant Director of CDRC for Public Health, Community Outreach and Policy. He is also the founding Director of the Center on Community Accessibility (CCA) and the Director of the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Health and Wellness at the Oregon Institute on Disability & Development, Child Development and Rehabilitation Center, and an Associate Professor of Public Health and Prevention Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University. Dr. Drum earned his M.S. (Public Affairs) and J.D. (Law) from the University of Oregon, and Ph.D. from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University. He has brought a range of projects to Oregon that have benefited Oregonians with intellectual and other disabilities including heath promotion workshops, ADA technical assistance and training, and a statewide conference promoting disability and health.

Dr. Drum is the author of more than 45 articles, reports, and monographs on disability issues, as well as seven curricula on disability, health, and wellness issues. He is the President of OHSU's Faculty Senate and serves on OHSU President Joseph Robertson's Executive Committee. Dr. Drum is also on the Board of Directors of the American Association on Health and Disability and the External Scientific Advisory Panel for the RRTC on Health Promotion for the Persons with Spinal Cord Injury. He is a past member of the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities and past-Policy Chair of the American Public Health Association's Disability Specialized Interest Group.