Education and training

The education of future leaders and professionals in the field of disabilities is a major goal of the Institute on Development and Disability. We offer several programs for individuals ranging from high school aged through post-graduates.

By providing training and education for individuals, we are ensuring that the next generation of health care professionals acquire both the skills and understanding of the concerns and needs of people with disabilities to successfully guide and provide care for them throughout their lifetime.

Training programs

Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

The Computer Science and Electrical Engineering programs represent the education mission of the Center for Spoken Language Understanding. We train students to be able to understand, design and apply computer algorithms and signal processing techniques. Unlike many other programs, ours is focused on solving complex problems in:

  • speech and language processing
  • machine learning
  • data science
  • biomedical problems

Leadership in Neurodevelopmental and Other Disabilities Program

The Leadership in Neurodevelopmental and Other Disabilities Program is an interdisciplinary training program funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau.

The major goal of this project is to promote the health status of children and their families with disabilities by training professionals for leadership roles, collaboration with other agencies and participation in the development of health care policy.

High school programs

Making strong connections with teenagers significantly improves their understanding and appreciation for the needs of people with special health needs. By offering hands-on experience with clinicians, researchers and other professionals in the disability field, these students gain critical knowledge by working with people with disabilities. Our high school programs include:

  • University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Summer Training Program
  • Leadership in Neurodevelopmental and Other Disabilities Program High School Program