Effort certification & DHHS salary cap

Effort Certification

Examine the federal requirements that shape institutional policy and details of OHSU's Effort Certification procedure, including reporting frequency and shared compliance. Effort Reporting, with its compensation indications, relates very closely to the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) Salary Cap. Lecture, case studies, planning strategies, and hands-on learning prepare you with great tools before diving into the task.

Topics covered:

  • What effort is and why certification is important.
  • Effort Certification process - deadlines and federal requirements.
  • Committed effort, cost sharing, salary caps, PI salary support, etc.
  • Requirements of the effort certification statement.
  • Key tools and resources.

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DHHS Salary Cap

Topics Covered:

  • History and requirements of the salary cap
  • Which agencies uphold the cap
  • Budgeting for the cap
  • Using the Salary Cap Worksheet for verification

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Effort & Salary Cap Refresher

Topics Covered:

  • Review of effort certification process and DHHS salary cap requirements.
  • Strategies and tools to ensure accurate, complete, and timely effort statement submissions.
  • Opportunity to work through current questions and issues for this effort period.

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