Research-related Learning

In-depth details about the RATE Program are currently available on the internal OHSU employee site, O2.

Training by role

With the understanding that many members of our community hold unique roles and specific responsibilities that vary among these roles, the goal of this collection is to help research-related staff to identify the learning experiences that would have a positive impact on their performance. We've grouped learning according to four categories of roles in the research community. To find training based on your role, see the research-related learning page.

Systems and access

Several systems at OHSU are either specific to research-related actions and processes or include functions that support research. This collection groups systems by Research Integrity, Pre-award, Post-award, and Other. To learn more about systems,see the research-related systems page.

RATE Courses

RATE courses focus on research administration informed by RDA experts and seasoned research department staff to ensure relevant and up-to-date information. Learning goals center on helping research administrators to problem-solve, adjust to an ever-changing policy landscape, and to leverage access to the most accurate practices and resources in support of the excellent research efforts occurring every day at OHSU. Courses include:


  • RDA 101: Introduction to Research Administration
  • InfoEd for Submissions
  • Oracle Grants Accounting (OGA)
  • Essentials of Grant Administration

Pre-award focus

  • InfoEd for Submissions
  • Clinical Trials 1: Pre-award Administration
  • Federal Budgeting Basics

Post-award focus

  • Oracle Grants Accounting (OGA)
  • Clinical Trials 2: Post-award Finances
  • Effort Certification
  • Federal Grants Management

Special Topics

  • NRSA Training Grants
  • DHHS Salary Cap
  • Export Controls 101
  • Subawards Series

Learn more about research administration education on O2.