About RATE

Research Administration Training & Education

Research Administration Training & Education (RATE) Program is a multifaceted resource for the OHSU research community. The program springs from the Office of the Senior Vice President for Research with the intention of providing easily accessed learning resources. It includes the Research Administration Information Network (RAIN), the Research-related Learning Portal, RATE Courses, and the RATE Community site, an internal community platform for discussions, announcements, and collaboration.


Research Administration Information Network (RAIN) plays an essential role in the effort to keep our community informed and prepared. The monthly RAIN forum features news and updates from RDA units as well as guest speakers from groups that work closely with the research community. All are welcome to attend in person, log in to watch the live streaming feed, or to catch the recorded meeting at a later date through the RAIN Archives. See how you can participate in RAIN.

Research Learning Portal

The portal currently consists of a collection links to training and career development classes and workshops categorized by roles: all research community members, researchers, research administrators, and study coordinators. An additional collection of links to research-related systems is grouped by Integrity, Pre-award, Post-award, Clinical Research, and other. Explore the Research Learning Portal.

RATE Courses

RATE Courses have been developed through collaboration with a number of RDA units while also drawing on the experiences of knowledgeable research department staff. We deliver relevant and well-supported educational programming to OHSU's research administrators. Courses include:


- RDA 101: Introduction to Research Administration
- InfoEd for Grants.gov Submissions
- Oracle Grants Accounting (OGA)
- Essentials of Grant Administration

Pre-award focus

- InfoEd for Grants.gov Submissions
- Clinical Trials 1: Pre-award Administration
- Federal Budgeting Basics

Post-award focus

- Oracle Grants Accounting (OGA)
- Clinical Trials 2: Post-award Finances
- Effort Certification
- Federal Grants Management

Special Topics

- NRSA Training Grants
- DHHS Salary Cap
- Export Controls 101
- Subawards Series

Learn more about RATE Courses on O2.

RATE Community

The RATE workplace learning environment is strengthened by exchanges and collaboration taking place on our  community platform. RATE Community is available to OHSU employees who are involved in research. This is a place to pose questions, provide answers, and benefit from the exchange of support among colleagues. Participate on the RATE Community Bridge platform.