Research Development & Administration Resources

Faculty Guide to Start-Ups Sited at OHSU

Funding Database

Use the OHSU Research Funding database to search for non-governmental funding opportunities, limited submission opportunities, and other grants of interest to OHSU researchers.


Most OHSU grant applications must be submitted through InfoEd, the university-wide software platform used to submit federal applications. If you have InfoEd-related questions, please contact RGC at (RGC Questions) or (503) 494-8923.


Clinical trial contracts are managed in eCRIS. Please refer to your contract tab in eCRIS for your contract status.

Postdoc Guide

The Postdoctoral Fellows' Guide to Working and Conducting Research at OHSU provides a clearinghouse of information for all things postdoc-related, including general services, research resources, benefits information, career resources, and much more.

RDA Helpful Links

Research Integrity Resources

Find support for research compliance.

Resources for Industry Sponsors of Clinical Trials

The following resources are intended to assist industry sponsors in partnering with OHSU regarding research opportunities. For further assistance in obtaining information to pursue opportunities with OHSU, please feel free to contact the Clinical Research Navigator at 503-346-3540 or

Study Participation Database

Use this online tool to find research studies that are looking for volunteers.