2016 Annual Report

The OHSU Office of the Vice President for Research has published the 2016 Report of Research Activities.

Featured Story

Investigating a treatment-resistant breast cancer

Dr. Joe GrayThe National Cancer Institute has awarded a research team at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute $9.2 million over five years to serve as a Research Center in the NCI's Cancer Systems Biology Consortium. OHSU investigators will focus on improving therapeutic strategies for treatment-resistant triple negative breast cancer. The goal is to identify the mechanisms by which these cancers evolve and adapt to become resistant to treatment, and to develop new strategies to counter these mechanisms.

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In the Spotlight

Alzheimer's and the aging brain

Doris KretzschmarDoris Kretzschmar, Ph.D., uses the fruit fly Drosophila to investigate how changes in genetic factors lead to Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. She also studies how environmental changes, like disruptions in circadian rhythms, affect the progression and severity of these diseases. This video introduces Dr. Kretzschmar's research into the aging brain in fruit flies.