Welcome to the Advancing Research in Pediatric Pain (ARPP) Lab!

The ARPP Lab's focus is to conduct research that will help prevent the development of chronic pain, and mitigate symptoms and impairment caused by pain for children and their families.

What do we study?

  • Interrelationships of chronic pain
  • Parenting
    • Parenting with chronic pain
    • Parenting a child who has chronic pain
  • Psychological and behavioral factors contributing to pain
  • Health risk factors
  • Targets for chronic pain prevention
  • Intergenerational chronic pain

Why do we do research?

Chronic pain is a complex and widespread problem in the United States, with 18-32% of youth experiencing some form of chronic pain at any given time. Of this group of children with pain, 5-8% exhibit severe disability due to their pain. While we, as a society, are constantly learning more about chronic pain, there is much that we do not fully understand. Our research efforts seek to better understand why children experience chronic pain and how best to reduce and manage pain.