We are actively recruiting participants for the TEMPO Study.

Teen Musculoskeletal Pain Outcomes

Background Information

The TEMPO study is recruiting youth ages 11-17 with a new pain problem and one parent. The purpose of the TEMPO study is to examine how pain changes over time in children and adolescents with a new pain problem. Families who join the study will complete study tasks at 3 time-points over 12 months; each time point includes the following tasks:

  1. Parent and Child Health Surveys
  2. Child Daily Health Survey for 7 days
  3. Actigraphy wearing
  4. In-person lab visits at OHSU

How will I know if this study is a good fit for me?

  • You are between 11-17 years old
  • You have been seen recently for a pain problem or injury


Participating families can earn up to $300 dollars for their time.

Principle Investigator: Amy Holley, Ph.D.
IRB#: 18268

TEMPO is a multi-site study in collaboration with the Pediatric Pain and Sleep Innovations Lab at Seattle Children’s Hospital.