About Us

The ARPP Lab Team

The ARPP Lab, founded by Dr. Anna Wilson and Dr. Amy Holley, conducts research aimed at both enhancing understandings of chronic pain development, and mitigating symptoms and impairment caused by pain for children and their families. In particular, investigators are studying the interrelationships of chronic pain, parenting, and psychological and behavioral factors with the goal of identifying targets for chronic pain prevention in children and adolescents.

Drs. Wilson and Holley have active research programs dedicated to learning more about how chronic pain evolves, and the risk and protective factors essential to the prevention of chronic pain development in children and adolescents. Drs. Wilson and Holley’s research is of an interdisciplinary nature as they work closely with colleagues in pediatric anesthesiology and psychiatry to examine the neurobiology of chronic pain, as well as pain management strategies utilized by youth and families. Current themes in their work include assessing how pain changes over time for youth with new-onset acute musculoskeletal pain, opioid pain management for youth with an acute pain problem, and the impact of maternal chronic pain on parenting and on children. Ultimately, results from these research programs will serve to enhance identification of youth at risk for developing chronic pain, and inform treatment approaches for youth with chronic pain and their families.

The ARPP Lab fosters a rich training environment, hosting post-doctoral scholars, psychology interns, graduate students, and undergraduate interns. Providing opportunities for mentorship, academic collaboration, and professional growth, the ARPP lab invests in aspiring researchers and clinicians at all levels of training.