APOM Lab Research Graduate Students

Matthew Simon

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Kathleen Beeson, BA

Kathleen Beeson

Kathleen received her B.A. in Neuroscience from Knox College in 2009 and joined the Neuroscience Graduate Program at OHSU in 2014 after years of traveling, STEM outreach, and working in a neuro-oncology lab. With previous electrophysiology experience and interest in synaptic plasticity, Kathleen joined Dr. Eric Schnell's lab where she studies how adult-born neurons integrate into their circuits and the small molecules involved in synapse formation. She uses molecular and electrophysiologic techniques to study morphological and physiological changes in in vitro and in vivo models. Outside of the laboratory, Kathleen loves learning about different cultures, backpacking, and gardening.

William Hendricks

Williams Hendricks

Will received his BS in Psychology and BA in Biology from the College of Charleston, in Charleston, SC where he conducted circadian rhythm research in aquatic organisms. He has since moved to Oregon and is currently a second year Neuroscience PhD graduate student working with Dr. Eric Schnell. Broadly, Will is very interested in synaptic function, and has more recently become interested in how alterations in synaptic function may contribute to disease states.

His current project is focused on understanding the synapses formed by mossy fiber sprouting, a type of hippocampal circuit rearrangement that may contribute to the development of chronic epilepsy. Will primarily uses whole cell electrophysiology, immunohistochemsitry, and Cre-dependent transgenic mouse lines in his experiments. His long term goal is to identify a common, treatable mechanism in the development of epilepsy.

When missing from the lab, he can usually be found somewhere on a mountain, climbing to the top and snowboarding down.